Backported more features

Added by foft about 1 month ago

mist/mcctv/mcc216: pll switching, gtia based svideo, profile support (put sdflash.bin in roms)
all: fixed reset on .car file insertion

I should have mentioned before the EclaireXl builds are now going in the standard area, though there aren't really significant improvements to that in these builds.
build_A2EBArom is v1
build_A4EBArom is v2 (board marked v3)
build_A4EBAromv3 and build_A2EBAromv3 is the mini. You need to use the appropriate one for your FPGA.

Cartridge housing (1 comment)

Added by foft 8 months ago

Happy New Year everyone!

Pretty slow days on the project, I've not been very motivated recently. This is cyclical though, sure it'll change again in a month or two! If anyone wants to spur me on by voting for a feature please do so in comments:-)

I decided to install/learn some 3d printing tools to make a cartridge housing. For that I decided to use Autodesk Fusion 360. Here is my first attempt that I just sent for printing. I'm crossing my fingers it works ok but I wouldn't be surprised if not!

PokeyMAX on DigiMAX

Added by foft 9 months ago

I've just tried the pokey core on the pure digital chips. It works surprisingly well!

For some reason I'd remembered the keyboard 4051s were CMOS, so I didn't think the 3.3V output would work being <3.7v ( However it works just fine, though perhaps not on all boards. Are the 4051s really CMOS levels?

The audio output is the raw sigma delta output, with no filter. However it sounds fine, perhaps relying on the normal audio filter on the main board.

Paddles do not have the correct voltage threshold, which is expected.

Less expected though is that paddle 0 works ok while paddle 1 completely fails. This one is weird. I'd connected multiple MAX10 GPIO outputs together so I could use multiple weak pull up resistors in parallel as a stronger pull-up! Paddle 1 happens to be on one of these pins. If I set them all to high impedance its pulled up to ~3v. Individual max10 pins work, together they pull high! Seems to be an interaction with multiple GPIOs at high impedance and the quick switches. I checked this on multiple boards to be sure. Weird...

Server HDD (1 comment)

Added by foft 9 months ago

I received a device to access the MSATA disk from my old server and am happy to report its all intact. I got all the old built cores etc backed up. I'll put them back online shortly, when I get motivated enough!

Server crash!

Added by foft 9 months ago

My Intel NUC, which I was using as a server stopped working last week. Its a shame, it was a really nice box from tranquil pc (

I've got a new machine installed and running now. I had backups of svn and redmine. I think those are now back in action, please let me know if you see anything missing.

Website is not backed up, but I think my ssd is ok. Just need to wait for a device that I can plug the msata ssd into... fingers crossed!


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