Pokeymax V2 and EclaireXL debugging

Added by foft about 4 years ago

No updates here for a while, but its not all quiet!

I finished the board layout for the v2 of the pokeymax. The pcbs have been made for a prototype run, crossing my fingers that it all works. If you are interested in one, here is the thread:

I've been working on basic debugging support for the EclaireXL. We already have the turbo freezer, many thanks again to Hias. However it would be good to be able to trigger this on a memory access, so I've been adding this. Its now possible to select an address, read/write trigger and optional data match. When this occurs it raises an nmi and jumps into the freezer. Of course the CPU address moved a little during the NMI sequence but I hope it will still be useful.