For now please see the general core manual on the main page. This was written for other boards and has not been updated for the EclaireXL, but the background is useful.


The classic list of frequently asked questions is at faq

Power requirements

USB B 5V input. To be connected to the USB port right next to the power switch. So there is no need for the case psu. 500mA is enough but I'd go with 1-2A to give some extra for any connected devices.

Known good power supplies

Board setup videos

I put together some basic videos for the v2 boards:
Note that the firmware has been significantly developed since then, so some of the menus differ. It is now also possible to store settings on the flash and not use the SD card.

SD card setup

The OS and basic rom are loaded from the flash chip in the new cores, this can still be overridden by the sd card as discussed here:

For more details see SD structure

Updating the core

Flashing overview
Core location
Flashing using the USB blaster
Flashing using the SD card
Converting flashing files
Flash chip by board

Board information


Video modes

The EclaireXL support a wide variety of video output.
Video modes Overview
Setting video mode
Video modes control picture


In theory any mini ITX case should work as long as it has a full size IO panel.

In practice, please check this list of known good cases. If you have success with another one, please add it.


The EclaireXL has USB ports for keyboard and game controllers (in addition to the DB9 ports). There is no native Atari keyboard port (though the GPIOs could be used) so you will have to use a PC style USB keyboard. See below for details of how the keys are mapped, since it may not be what you are expecting!

Keyboard mapping

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