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02:38 PM EclaireXL Wiki edit: Core_location (#7)


09:10 PM EclaireXL Feature #84: Add SID
Attaching some of the octave files from investigating this for reference + the wave files + other useful bits I found...
09:07 PM EclaireXL Feature #84: Add SID
Did some research over the weekend. Generating these isn't a terribly trivial problem!
I tried for some time to ge...


10:19 PM EclaireXL Feature #84: Add SID
It sounds good to me, but not sure what it is meant to sound like!!
10:19 PM EclaireXL Feature #84: Add SID
Also wondering if the clk frequency is important (not enable), I see some state table increment on every clock, which...
10:18 PM EclaireXL Feature #84: Add SID
Wondering about some kind of bit map of unpopulated locations (reducing locations) or a 2nd lookup layer (reducing bi...
10:04 PM EclaireXL Feature #84: Add SID
I loaded the tables in to octave to take a look.
* Not a simple curve
* Lots of zeros, >80% in ...
10:02 PM EclaireXL Feature #84: Add SID
Actually the issue with fitting in v2 is block ram, not ALMs. Though its always good to save ALMs!
The sid tables ...
09:05 AM EclaireXL Core v37 released again!
EclaireXL/A4: SID frequency was too fast, made it closer to 1MHz (still approx, but better than 1.77MHz).
xxl kind...


10:12 PM EclaireXL Core v37 released
* Fixed USB failure after 70 minutes.
* Fixed full speed usb init issue, this fixes my non-...

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