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09:15 AM EclaireXL Feature #87 (New): SI5351 interesting library
Looks like worth investigating if I ever use the si5351 again... The software + binary blob output approach wasn't gr...


08:48 PM EclaireXL Bug #42: Core 8 - Mic level is low
This is due to the Atari audio 'mixing' circuit. It has a gain of 5.6x and doesn't really mix - just directly connect...
08:46 PM EclaireXL Bug #30 (Closed): TAPE does not play AUDIO on the Right Chanel (Eucational tapes cannot be heard)
Never heard again and think it works. Though I learned a lot more about how this should work since with Pokeymax v3 d...
08:45 PM EclaireXL Feature #76 (Resolved): Merge down to trunk
Been back on trunk for years now, should close this!
08:44 PM EclaireXL Bug #67 (Resolved): Pokey two tone timing problem
08:44 PM EclaireXL Bug #67: Pokey two tone timing problem
This was fixed following investigation and a simple test case/detailed spreadsheet from Synthpopalooza.
I used the...


10:29 PM EclaireXL Feature #85: 720p support/1080i support
Quartus 20.1.1 still has the bug. Raised with Intel.
10:41 AM EclaireXL Feature #3: High resolution antic support
xxl might be making his E: and S: driver work in high res, I hope. Please :-)
10:39 AM EclaireXL Feature #86 (New): Keyboard expansion board support on the mini
I finally constructed one of these pcbs from Panos for using the XEGS keyboard. I need to expose the i2c signals so t...
10:38 AM EclaireXL Bug #67: Pokey two tone timing problem
I have audio test pcbs now to allow synchronised writes to pokeymax vs pokey. Which should help track down this kind ...

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