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TAPE does not play AUDIO on the Right Chanel (Eucational tapes cannot be heard)

Added by ndary about 7 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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tried to put an AUDIO Tape

POKE 54018,52 [RETURN] should stream AUDIO that is recorded on the right channel and it should play through the ATARI speakers
on the ExlairXL this audio cannot be heard.


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Updated by sadosp about 7 years ago

Have you seen the two pole pin header on right side of the sub board? Is for this exact reason.
You must make first a small coaxial cable ended at both sides in a DuPont connector, as to interconnect it with the corresponding one in the main board. You can find this as a three pole pin header, behind the audio stacked connector.
We choose to proceed like this, to avoid the unwanted digital noise within PCB.

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Updated by foft about 7 years ago

This is only in v8 too

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Updated by sadosp about 7 years ago

As for the XC12 tape corder, just now I see that it haven't a PSU, so must take their power supply entirely from eclaireXL board.
This mean that you need to supply the eclaireXL with a power adapter of 1 or 2A. I don't know how exact is the percentage of the current who need the internal motor of XC12 to work.

I think this explain why eclaireXL resets it self when you push the "PLAY" key on this specific peripheral.

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Updated by ndary about 7 years ago

or i will build a cable are test, thanks


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Updated by ndary about 7 years ago

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will make a cable and continued testing

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Updated by foft almost 3 years ago

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Never heard again and think it works. Though I learned a lot more about how this should work since with Pokeymax v3 debugging...


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