Core v36 released

Added by foft 5 months ago

EclaireXL only change:
Debug sub-menu which allows entering the freezer on an address/data match.
i) Set the address
ii) Set the data (optional)
iii) Press R to trigger on read of address (optional)
iv) Press W to trigger on write of address (optional, though to enable use one of read or write)
v) Press M to trigger only if the data matches (optional)
When the condition is met, the freezer is activated and an nmi triggered. So a few cycles later you are in the freezer and can see the state.


Added by Stephen 5 months ago

I'm upgrading now. I'm leaving for VCFMW tomorrow morning - it will take me about 6.5 hours to get there. I will try to play with this some over the weekend if at all possible. I'll have the Eclaire XL setup and running the entire weekend on a dedicated monitor. I will post pics when I return.

Added by Stephen 5 months ago

Well, that is, if I can find the file.

Added by foft 4 months ago

Did you find it? They are under here: