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12:28 AM EclaireXL Feature #3: High resolution antic support
Hoping to get back to being able to test out this new stuff real soon! I'm finally finishing up a major vehicle repa...


01:13 AM EclaireXL Developer: Images from VCFMW12
Got lots of questions about my EclaireXL at this weekend's show. I directed them to Atari Age thread. Had it up and...
01:08 AM EclaireXL Developer: RE: Accessing new Antic modes through BASIC?
Super interested in this feature - more than any other like turbo CPU etc. Hope it's pretty easy to get working.


02:27 AM EclaireXL Developer: RE: Which case are you getting?
OK - I did not have to do nearly the cuts to this case as I thought I would. I'm pasting a link to my Flickr album. ...


09:36 PM EclaireXL Developer: RE: Which case are you getting?
Well, I needed something quick and cheap. I ordered this


12:10 AM EclaireXL Developer: RE: Atari 400-style key caps just back from WASD!
Beautiful keyboard!


12:31 AM EclaireXL Feature #14: Svideo core for first prototype
foft wrote:
> For anyone with composite/svideo setup. Please can you tell me what you think of svideo_gtia6.sof vs t...
03:46 AM EclaireXL Bug #54 (Closed): GTIA issue when Turbo > 4X
I'm attaching a BASIC listing of a PMG test program I wrote to assist in diagnosing an issue with the 1088XEL. For f...


06:43 PM EclaireXL Feature #14: Svideo core for first prototype
sadosp wrote:
> Maybe is time to think about implementing one external RGB -> composite/s-video converter, fit direc...


11:30 PM EclaireXL Bug #52: Atari Control Picture
foft wrote:
> I checked an older core in case I introduced it with the antic timing changes for pbi. Was bad then, s...

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