Mini EclaireXL

Added by foft 9 months ago

Panos is working on a very neat cut size PCB that includes most of the features. See [[]] for details.

This is not mini-ITX so will need a custom case. Is anyone able to help with a case design please?

EclaireXLMini.jpg View (289 KB) foft, 08/12/2018 09:39 PM


Added by Farb 9 months ago

This is very cool! I would LOVE to see a case that has the look and feel of a real Atari case. As much as I love the larger Eclaire XL, the PC case it is in just doesn't scream Atari :-P

Added by Almerian 9 months ago

I hope somebody can make the cases.
That would be great!

Atari gave us examples of three Atari cases:

- 800 style like 850
- XL style like 830
- XE style like XEGS