EclaireXL: Arriving!

Added by foft almost 2 years ago

The first board has arrived, the rest should be there shortly.

Please post in the forum when you board arrives and tell us what you think.

Its worth putting on the v8.sof firmware on arrival. I hope to have one with pbi support soon, its sooo close - but not yet working!

EclaireXL: No sign of FT232 chips (2 comments)

Added by foft about 2 years ago

Panos is chasing up - and if not good news he will order from somewhere quicker!

In the meantime I've added ADC support to the new core, important for SIO sounds such as tapes with speech and just plain interference from the cable!

EclaireXL: Missing parts

Added by foft about 2 years ago

Panos is waiting for the last few remaining parts to arrive. Most notably the FT232 USB chip. We're expecting they will arrive later this week.

EclaireXL: Sub-board

Added by foft about 2 years ago

Here is the first picture of a sub-board, which also arrived in Greece. None completed yet but all the parts fit - and they fit in the Mhero S R case.

EclaireXL: Boards received

Added by foft about 2 years ago

The boards arrived in Greece. Panos is in the process of adding some final parts and trying them out.

Some good news:
FPGA is seen on JTAG
FPGA can be flashed ok
The core runs, the USB keyboard is working, SD card access is working.

Some bad news:
Video DAC regulator didn't work. We're not clear why, but Panos patched it to use the main 3.3V regulator and its now working well. On the previous prototype we only used a single regulator so this is a tested setup.

More news as we continue with testing.


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