EclaireXL: Core v26

Added by foft 5 months ago

Atari800 mode fixes:
  • Made no ram return 0xff, fixes 16k/32k boot since they were detecting a cartridge then crashing
  • Added 8k mode. Menu screen also moved below 8k so it works when in this mode!
  • Fixed reset bouncing, this was causing a beep

EclaireXL: Core v25

Added by foft 5 months ago

A few fixes in pokey from when I was working on pokeymax.

Also the start of Atari 800 support. Some bugs still, beeps on cold start and something up with 16k/32k. Memo pad does not work even in 16/32K, but Robotron does!! Can anyone tell what I did wrong here? In a real 800 is the ram meant to be duplicated (e.g. 0-4000 is also in 4000-8000 for 16k)?

  • Run pokey on final sub-cycle, rather than on memory access completed sub-cycle (reduces sample jitter) (change lost somehow)
  • Some pokey 2 tone timing fixes
  • Alpha version of atari800 support
  • * RNMI added to Antic
  • * Disconnect portb when in 800 mode
  • * Disconnect cart present when in 800 mode (allows 4th port trigger to work better)
  • * 16/32/48/52K options

EclaireXL: PokeyMAX (1 comment)

Added by foft 5 months ago

I've spent some time this year working on a new FPGA board that fits into the original computer, to replace the pokey chip. I've got it sitting in my Atari 600XL and to me it works pretty well.

I'm planning on doing this with all the custom chips since I think it will help get the EclaireXL further debugged.

Its entered into the Abbuc hardware competition which will be judged at the Fujiama I think. Wish me luck!

EclaireXL: Core v24 (1 comment)

Added by foft 6 months ago

Very small change since I've realized how annoying the video mode selection is (i.e. find sd card, copy on settings...)

Added some hotkeys. To use them go to the F11 menu and then press:
Z: Toggle composite sync
X: Toggle scanlines

EclaireXL: Core v23

Added by foft 6 months ago

A small update, mostly for farb to test HDMI audio

  • Add low pass audio filter, massively reduces HDMI audio high frequency aliasing
  • Fix an stimer write problem introduced in v22 (more work to do here)

EclaireXL: Core v22

Added by foft 6 months ago

Received my board today.

I tried to understand the flash chip problems. All I found so far is that it has a 64KB sector size, so I've added detection by id so that we can have one v2 core for both different flash chips.

  • Detect flash chip by id (sector size)
  • Added 1 cycle delay on pokey highpass filter input (makes settings 5/7 work on PDM)
  • Run pokey on final sub-cycle, rather than on memory access completed sub-cycle (reduces sample jitter)
  • Convert audio to signed for HDMI output
  • Display some flash chip info on F11 screen (chip id1/ chip id2/ sector size)

EclaireXL: Warning: flash chip on new boards

Added by foft 7 months ago

I have not received my new board yet so have yet to test the new flash chip (S25FL127SABMFV000). So, unless you have a USB blaster, I suggest not using any of the flash settings until I ensure it is stable.

I should add that if you do not have a USB blaster, I strongly advise you to get one. They are only about 10USD for a compatible one and they make it much harder to accidentally (temporarily) brick your eclaire!

EclaireXL: V21 (1 comment)

Added by foft 7 months ago

Not so many features on this version, but I think it is a worthwhile one!

  • RPD flashing support

So what is it? Well it allows flashing a new core from the sd card. So its possible to upgrade without a USB blaster.

So now there are 3 files published:
i) .sof - new core that is applied only until powered off. Applied to FPGA itself via USB blaster and Quartus.
ii) .jic - new core and OS and settings. Applied to flash memory via USB blaster and Quartus.
iii) .rpd - new core that may be programmed from sd card. Copy it to the SD card press F11 and select 'Program RPD'. Then wait until it finished before powering off. It will print .E.W.V.E.W.V. over several lines first. This is Erase (set all bits to 1), Write (set some to 0) and Verify (double check it worked). It takes about 1 minute, though I can speed that up in future.

The nice thing about using the .rpd is that there is no need to dig out the USB blaster or open the case. Also it does not blow away all the OS, system and video settings, as the .jic currently does.

EclaireXL: Pinouts

Added by foft 8 months ago

I added the board pinouts the wiki (Pinouts), so if you are building into a custom case and would like to make your own cart/pbi/joystick boards etc. All the logic is on the main board so its all just wiring to do that.


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