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From 11/06/2018 to 12/05/2018


10:59 PM EclaireXL Server HDD
I received a device to access the MSATA disk from my old server and am happy to report its all intact. I got all the ... foft


10:58 PM EclaireXL Feature #77 (New): Add yPbPr support
I had a request to add component support to the mist, but why not add to the Eclaire while I'm at it. foft
10:51 PM EclaireXL Server crash!
My Intel NUC, which I was using as a server stopped working last week. Its a shame, it was a really nice box from tra... foft


09:30 PM EclaireXL More chips
A little video from Nir, look at 35 to 42 seconds in for some new chips (and me!)

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