Demoing Eclaire

Added by Stephen over 4 years ago

I just wanted to post and let you guys know, that I will be taking my Eclaire to a computer show on June 24th. A group of us are trying to get a local computer show started in Indiana, USA. I'll be making a 6 hour drive to show off Eclaire.

Then, in Septemper, I will be attending a much larger USA show called VCFMW. I'll make sure to take and post many pictures. I have a Pro Flickr account. I'll share the photos after each event.

Can't wait - it's literally been a decade since I've attended any computer shows.

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RE: Demoing Eclaire - Added by ndary over 4 years ago

looking forward for the pictures :)

RE: Demoing Eclaire - Added by foft over 4 years ago

Yeah, exciting. I'd also like to see pictures. So far mine only made it as far as the local makers club.