Clocking G400 correctly in XFree86 3.3.[56]

What is this about?

The Matrox G400 BIOS initialises the card with a clock speed of 166MHz for the memory clock and 88MHz for the drawing/setup engine clocks. XFree 3.3.5 leaves these because they are similar to the values given by Matrox in the documentation. However in Matrox's Windows driver the clocks are set up faster than this! I have modified the X source to set the drawing/setup engine clocks at 126MHz as Windows does. There is also a patch for the G400MAX, because this should be clocked at 200MHz and 150MHz. With the GLX 3D driver this can give a few extra of those all important frames/s when playing Q3:)

Patches and Binaries

If posting a binary without the source breaks the license agreement then I will remove it. I do not have space to mirror the whole source here.

To install binary

To patch X yourself - the hard way!

The file to patch is xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/vga256/drivers/mga/mga_dacG200.c, just use patch -p0 to patch it.