About FoFT

The FoFT Code Group is a permanently non-productive demo/game group. FoFT started at school about 6 years ago as room F soFTware. In that time we have produced almost nothing:) Specifically an Atari 8-bit demo disk, unreleased Amiga demo and a farming game - FoFTFarm. The latter has excellent design plans for a very sophisticated game - including exploding cows. All that was coded was the intro in 68k ASM for the Amiga and a QBASIC verion. The QBASIC version was cool and addictive but followed the game plans by about 0%.

FoFTFarm Picture

The current "members" of FoFT are:
dot Mark W. (WATO) - Coder (C/C++/6502/68K/PERL/HTML/JavaScript)
Siegers C.J.Haggan (SIEGERS) - Coder (Java/C/HTML) / Swapper

Members, however is used a little loosely because FoFT has done nothing in the last few years. In its peak it only had 3 members - a graphics artist (Hi Tom), who could not be bothered to do graphics. Actually we now have some people who will do music, including Dooferlad who is a member of Datalas Tech.

Matrox G400

In recent times we have been playing with real Operating Systems - rather than the wonderful(!) Windows.

I mostly use Linux, but recently started doing some code for BeOS. Unfortunately I had no driver for my card so decided to write one. Although it is fairly pointless because Be are writing one. However I have always enjoyed hardware coding (on XL/XE/Amiga) so the PC is next!

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