Replacing all the custom chips


Partly as a development tool for improving the EclaireXL and partly ... for fun and the technical exercise I've recently been working on a new project. Replacement versions for all the Atari custom chips.

So far there is a pokey chip replacement, pokeymax. The rest will follow shortly.

Pokeymax v1

I have this replacement pokey running in my 600XL. Note there are a few errors on this board that have been improved, e.g. the paddes capacitors are on the mainboard so should not be here!

See the Atariage thread for details

Pokeymax v4

Fast forward several years and we now have v4. Much improved and also can include SID, PSG, Covox with internal RAM DMA, SPDIF output etc.

The design is open: Eagle schematics, board, gerbers and vhdl.

See the Atariage thread for details