GP32/GP2X/Gizmondo/Pandora port of Atari800 emulator


I bought a GP32 in 2003, very fast handheld for its time. It was a nice bit of hardware, except for the very dark screen. Anyway I did a GP32 port of Atari800. Things were much improved when I broke that one doing a 32MB upgrade and replaced it with a FLU. Nice, if washed out, frontlight system.

Then in Nov 2005, I bought a GP2X. I broke it 2 days after getting it. Quite efficient even by my standards! Anyway it was kindly fixed by DJWillis. Yeah I know there is an official SDL version, but that doesn't map the GP2Xs keys, have virtual keyboard, set appropriate config settings, have XE bank switch paged alloc etc etc. There is also ZX81's version.

Then in Nov(?) 2006 I bought a Gizmondo and promptly ignored it for a year, after getting annoyed with the GPS and slow screen updates. I just decided to port over the GP2X version to see how it runs (a year later...). This is a very hacky port, but runs fairly well.

19/3/2012 - Finally done a version for the Pandora! Please give it a try...

This emulator port would not have been possible without the hard work of the Atari 800 developers. Many thanks to them. Especially for releasing it under the GPL. I plan to merge some of my changes back into the main tree at some indeterminate point in the infinite future. For now the src is available for download here.

I thought this was the best way to have a portable gaming Atari 800/XL/XE. Then I saw Ben's efforts here, with his Atari Laptop. How cool is that! For the rest of us who want a portable Atari I still suggest buying a Pandora, GP32 or GP2X(soon) from GBAX or Evil Dragon or ebay.

GP32X version

Get the GP32 or GP2X specific version for the binary. If you haven't run it before you'll need to get the parts download as well (note gp2x install is now under roms, not gpmm). Finally for devs the source is available (of course).

You notice that some of these archives contain commercial games and the OS ROMs. I do not believe the copyright holders will mind given the age of the games. If they do then let me know ASAP and I will remove them immediately. However to protect me a little, I am going to say that you may only download the archives with games/ROMs if you own them all (5200 OS, OSA, OSB, OSXL, Atari Basic, Joe Blade, Blinky's Scary School, Bomb Fusion, Centipede, Chucky Egg, Encounter, Galaxian, Loco, Lode Runner, Mouse Trap, Pitfall2, Pole Position, Rescue on Fractulus, Savage Pond, Star Raiders, Asteroids 5200 ROM, Tempest 5200 ROM, River Raid cassette, Zybex cassette and Dropzone cassette). If not then please get one of the other archives and source the ROMs/games elsewhere. There are also various PD programs included. I added some new demos to this one that I used for testing (some are mine;-))

For GP32/GP2X/Gizmondo specific running information look in doc/README.GP/Giz. Any questions drop me an e-mail or ask in the forums since a lot of it is not obvious...


So you've downloaded the emulator and you're looking for something to run on it? has loads of great demos/games. Suggest you take a look. Also XLSearch is great. Lastly I also have Holmes sitting around somewhere:-).